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The Barn (WAC Cultural Center)

Artist, subject and painting. Graeters Mariemont, nearing completion Oct16, 2015

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The Barn (WAC Cultural Center)

Second ( very cold) morning painting Graeter’s, Mariemont. WInter jacket but I cannot paint with gloves on!

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The Barn (WAC Cultural Center)

My completed Graeter’s painting on display at the exhibit following WACC Mariemont Plein Air Paintout. (Top left)

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Timeline Photos

Painted in Glenwood Gardens last week. Beautiful early fall evening and lovely place

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Looks like it will be cool Sunday Oct 4th. Great for all the children’s activities. OK (but not the greatest) for the featured artist….ME…

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About Deirdre Dyson en plein painter from Loveland Ohio

Deirdre Dyson is a professional artist and instructor from Loveland, OH. Her paintings use bold composition to capture her subject with vibrant color, reflecting love of the natural landscape and architecture. She has taught art to students, kindergarten through adults, at her Art House Studio, Loveland City Schools, and Art Academy of Cincinnati. Deirdre is a UC, DAAP, graduate with BFA in Painting and BA in Art Education. Workshop studies have been with Daniel Green, Kim English.

My Inspiration:

It is derived from the natural forms of plants, trees, rocks and ocean often in contrast to architecture and man made objects. I search for high contrast and dramatic light. Seasonal changes and travel inspire me with new colors, light and subjects.


Color is my element for expression, pushing hue and intensity to the edge of realism to capture the essence of my subject with vibrancy and excitement.


If possible I begin on site, “en plein air”, or with live subject matter, to establish light and color, even if completed in the studio. After careful mixing of my main palette, I rapidly block in dark and light areas with color. I then build up definition loosely using bold color for visual excitement and emotional impact. I may stop at this stage, or proceed gradually building up detail. I try to keep brush strokes loose for a painterly quality to the work.